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Partner Highlight: Exploring Leadership

11/03/2022 ECR News

What’s your leadership style and how have you integrated your strengths into your experience?

Each year I feel I become more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. While continuously improving on my weaknesses is important, leveraging and utilizing my strengths is how I personally can make the largest impact (and it’s just more fun). I believe I have a strength of creating and building impactful relationships with our team. With this, my leadership style is to work with great people and let them go. However, balancing working to be a resource and to help support when beneficial.

Who’s been an essential mentor in your career journey and how have they impacted you?

I have been blessed to have had so many mentors, many of which are still here at ECR. Different mentors have been impactful to me in different areas of my life – for example leadership, brokerage, fitness, etc.

A little over a year ago I discovered the Strategic Coach program and have found incredible value in the coaching and mentorship here. The philosophy of focusing on improving all areas of life aligns very much with my goals at this stage in my life.

What do you like best about managing people?

Building genuine relationships with our team.

What makes ECR’s culture so special? How do you protect that energy in your role?

Our people – period. Try to help take care of our people.

How do you define success in your role? How is success measurable to you?

I like this question as my answer has changed so much over time. Recently I met with the State leader for Colliers and he asked the same question and what my goals where. My answer was “to be happy” and that is it for me, which I believe he was surprised by. I also want to create an environment whereby our people are happy.

What’s something that is a part of your daily routine that you cherish? Something that sets your day up to be a good one?

Saying 5 things I am grateful for each morning while taking a shower. I also do some affirmations during this time.

What’s your favorite book on real estate?

I have read so many books on business, and honestly, got burned out on them. There is a lot of value to these books, but I found the opportunities to learn are around us in our work in real life examples every day. Rather, I am going to change the format of the question to “my favorite books” and they are spy thrillers as they align with my goal which makes me happy to read. If interested, check out the Mitch Rapp or Gabriel Allon series!


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