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Leadership Brokerage Research Operations Marketing Management
Photo of Matt Levin, SIOR View Bio
Matt Levin, SIOR
Founder / Managing Partner
Photo of Patrick Ley, SIOR, CCIM View Bio
Patrick Ley, SIOR, CCIM
Photo of Jason Steinberg, SIOR View Bio
Jason Steinberg, SIOR
Photo of Tiffany Lauchlan, CPM View Bio
Tiffany Lauchlan, CPM
Managing Director of Management Services
Photo of Rebecca Zigterman View Bio
Rebecca Zigterman
Brokerage Principal
Photo of Haley Smith, SIOR View Bio
Haley Smith, SIOR
Brokerage Principal
Photo of Ryan Wilson View Bio
Ryan Wilson
Brokerage Principal
Photo of Matt Fain View Bio
Matt Fain
Brokerage Principal
Photo of David Dawkins View Bio
David Dawkins
Senior Brokerage Advisor
Photo of Stephen Pannes View Bio
Stephen Pannes
Brokerage Advisor
Photo of Hayden McCarty View Bio
Hayden McCarty
Senior Brokerage Advisor
Photo of Sean Couey View Bio
Sean Couey
Brokerage Advisor
Photo of Isaac Gutierrez View Bio
Isaac Gutierrez
Brokerage Advisor
Photo of Joshua Rolfe View Bio
Joshua Rolfe
Brokerage Advisor
Photo of Hannah Huskey View Bio
Hannah Huskey
Research Analyst
Photo of Jennifer Schwartz View Bio
Jennifer Schwartz
Brokerage Coordinator
Photo of Michael Gutierrez View Bio
Michael Gutierrez
Finance & IT Assistant Manager
Photo of Tiffany Mann View Bio
Tiffany Mann
Head of Operations and People
Photo of Emily Staples View Bio
Emily Staples
Office Administrator
Photo of Sean Bednarz View Bio
Sean Bednarz
Senior Graphic Designer
Photo of Martin Villarreal View Bio
Martin Villarreal
Marketing Coordinator
Photo of Brent Boyer View Bio
Brent Boyer
Photo of Carrie Wilcox View Bio
Carrie Wilcox
Senior Property Accountant
Photo of Kriseira Almeida View Bio
Kriseira Almeida
Property Accountant
Photo of Connor Crowley View Bio
Connor Crowley
Junior Property Accountant
Photo of Jonathan Miller View Bio
Jonathan Miller
Assistant Project Manager
Photo of Diana Marmolejo De Arellano, CPM View Bio
Diana Marmolejo De Arellano, CPM
Senior Property Manager
Photo of Sabrina Padilla View Bio
Sabrina Padilla
Property Assistant
Photo of Trevor Wade View Bio
Trevor Wade
Property Assistant
Photo of Mike Bartz View Bio
Mike Bartz
Lead Engineer
Photo of Jose Vazquez View Bio
Jose Vazquez
Maintenance Engineer
Photo of Angel Garcia View Bio
Angel Garcia
Building Engineer
Photo of Steve Ruedas View Bio
Steve Ruedas
Building Engineer
Photo of Randa Myers View Bio
Randa Myers
Property Manager
Photo of Jessie Frank View Bio
Jessie Frank
Property Manager
Photo of Morgan Smith, CMCP View Bio
Morgan Smith, CMCP
Assistant Property Manager
Photo of Julia Yanes View Bio
Julia Yanes
Property Assistant
Photo of Jeff Steele View Bio
Jeff Steele
Lead Engineer
Photo of Scott Bartolomey View Bio
Scott Bartolomey
Building Engineer
Photo of Jose Soto View Bio
Jose Soto
Maintenance Technician
Photo of Shannon Harris View Bio
Shannon Harris
Property Manager
Photo of Alexis Ovalle View Bio
Alexis Ovalle
Property Assistant
Photo of Samuel Betancourt View Bio
Samuel Betancourt
Building Engineer
Photo of Danielle Ortiz View Bio
Danielle Ortiz
Property Manager
Photo of Beth Tidwell View Bio
Beth Tidwell
Assistant Property Manager
Photo of Lavonna Buckland View Bio
Lavonna Buckland
Property Assistant
Photo of Freddy Martinez View Bio
Freddy Martinez
Lead Engineer
Photo of Javier Esparza View Bio
Javier Esparza
Maintenance Technician

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