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We believe great people are necessary to build a great business. This core belief is the basis for ECR’s unique, equitable, and rewarding company structure.


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3+ Years Experience (Landlord/Tenant)


3+ Years Experience (Landlord/Tenant)


3+ Years Experience (Landlord/Tenant)


3+ Years Experience (All Property Types)


Prior Experience is preferred, but not necessary. Transitions into a Brokerage role in 18-24 months’ time.

The Benefits of Working at ECR

What Kind of Team Would I Be Joining?

Team Focused. Entrepreneurially Driven. 

ECR was founded to build a team-focused environment where our professionals are able to provide the focus, hard work, and attention our clients deserve to meet their goals. 

At ECR, we believe our company should work and reward its team members. In fact, the “E” in ECR stands for Equitable to help guide us each day. We’re proud to say that every ECR broker has been on ABJ’s Heavy Hitters list. 

We’re not only passionate about building successful business relationships; we are even more passionate about giving back to the communities we call home. 

What Sets ECR Apart?

We have fun. We hustle. And together, we celebrate the wins in life and in business.

We provide a rewarding structure for ECR’s professionals to reach and exceed their individual goals, our unique business model offers a motivational and educational environment, favorable commission splits, profit share, and effective support, ensuring our focus stays with our clients. 

Broker Commission Schedule

+Annual Profit Share and Discretionary Bonus

"ECR provided me with the leadership and mentorship that I needed to be successful in my career. The culture and the people are some of the best I have ever worked with and are all great examples of the principles ECR stands behind."

Hayden McCarty, Senior Brokerage Advisor

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