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With leading market insight and strong proven execution, our team specializes in leasing commercial properties. We remain committed to building lasting relationships, bringing heavy focus, attention, and strategy to all assignments.

No one property dictates the same strategy for success with leasing for commercial real estate.

As such, ECR works closely with our clients to determine their goals for leasing to develop proactive solutions and strategies to help achieve these goals. Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of the Central Texas commercial real estate market paired with our marketing and research teams, ECR will bring the right tenants to occupy your space.

The one-size-fits-all model doesn’t allow for the results our clients deserve.

We take our clients’ interests seriously, and to protect these interests, ECR does not own or develop commercial real estate assets.

Every assignment is staffed with attention to the property’s goals and needs. At ECR, the appropriate staffing level is put on each property to provide the focus deserved to help outperform the competition.

Plain and simple, we work hard for our clients. We understand that it is necessary to go the extra mile, whether through consistent cold-calling, vigorous follow-up, and assuming different roles to achieve success – and our clients deserve this.

Since our inception, ECR has stepped up and executed many assignments that were not able to achieve their goals with other commercial real estate firms. View our Proven Execution page for recent case studies and client referrals.

We challenge our professionals to think outside the box for the marketing and performance of our respective clients.

We understand that having strong market knowledge and relationships helps to position us to perform best for our clients. The professionals at ECR consistently work to build these relationships through community involvement, holding leadership positions in real estate organizations, hard work, timely responses, and treating others in the marketplace with respect.

ECR provides best-in-class marketing strategies to position our clients for success. Our marketing team works at the ground level every day to create a custom approach, to ensure all information is updated on every outlet, to develop fresh ideas that enable ECR projects to stand out in the market, and to aggressively promote these projects to procure as many leads as possible.

Approaching each project with a new lens, we research and analyze target audiences and best methods of communication before providing a fully-informed and thorough marketing plan for your project. We’re always pushing boundaries to set our clients apart from others in the market.


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