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Sean Couey

Brokerage Advisor


Pro-activity when it comes to offering creative solutions toward achieving client goals is my top priority.

My passions include fitness, diet, family, and spirituality. I believe that optimizing in these areas of focus allows me to perform at the highest level in all aspects of my life.

Notable Clients

I have been in the commercial real estate business for several decades and have a bit of perspective on transactions and the people performing those transactions. I’m here today to tell you that Sean Couey possesses a unique skill set of brokerage talent.  It is my opinion he would favorably enhance the outcome and value of any transaction he is involved.

Buddy Francese, CCIM

I had a great experience working a deal with Sean.  Sean did a great job representing his client while also creating the best possible environment to make a deal.  I found Sean to be responsible, forthright, and easy to work with.

John Heffington
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