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04/26/2021 Tenants

At no cost to you, ECR brokers negotiate on your behalf, saving you on future real estate costs.


1. Planning

90% of a successful transaction takes place in the planning stage. We help tenants plan for (1) timing of occupancy (2) lease term (3) current and future space needs including construction requirements (4) location (5) market research (6) negotiation strategies

2. Knowledge of Marketplace

Our team has strong relationships with landlords and within the brokerage community, bringing the insight and know-how to achieve our clients’ goals.

3. Renewal Options

Leases must be structured to provide protection for future renewals as well as to provide for a fair, market rent at that time.

4. Construction

Construction can offer dangerous exposure to excess costs for tenants. We provide research and recommendations prior to entering the lease to ensure it is carefully addressed in the language.

5. Negotiation

It’s always wise to have backup options regardless of your position and intent. We encourage our clients to maintain leverage with landlords by considering alternative lease options.

6. Operating Expenses

To allow for a more stable rent structure, it is important to understand and limit passed-through expenses from the landlord to the tenant.

7. Options

We help our clients make informed decisions that will not only impact their business today but for years to come. In the event the business experiences changes, lease options can be negotiated, such as rights to expand, sublease, holdover, or terminate.

8. Default

Default situations are an area in the lease that is often heavily favored towards the landlord. Events of default can be innocent for many tenants and we’ll work to make sure there is an opportunity to cure prior to the landlord exercising its default remedies


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The brokerage team at ECR is the best that I’ve worked with in any market. They are strategic, responsive, and always put the work in to turn something around quickly. We are venture-backed, so it’s a constant challenge to balance adding space when we need it and not over-committing. They have made it easy, and I look forward to solving the next challenge with their help.

Bradford Walker

From the beginning, the team at ECR took the time to understand our specific circumstances and evolving needs. ECR worked diligently to come up with an array of solutions, one of which allowed us to remain in our current space while taking on additional, neighboring spaces over time as we scaled. ECR helped negotiate terms that allowed us to match our lease commitments to our hiring plan and in turn, meet our budget requirements.

Ryan Macia

ECR helped locate potential spaces in our preferred locations and with a range of budget options. They were very helpful with office tours and helping us figure out what exactly we’d need - both with the physical space and possible renovations - which was helpful during the office search. When we decided it would be a better choice for us to stay in our current spot than build out in a new location, ECR was able to help negotiate better terms for the renewal than we would have been able to achieve on our own.

Kristin Moore
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