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Women in ECR Leadership: Tiffany Mann

03/10/2023 ECR News

What are the benefits of having empowered women in the organization?

There are many benefits to having empowered women in leadership positions, but I’d like to name a few benefits that first come to mind. First, women are often seen as better communicators, which can lead to more effective communication within the workplace. As everyone who works in an office knows, effective communication can prevent misunderstandings, improve team collaboration, and create a more positive work environment. Secondly, women are often more empathetic than men, which can help them better understand and connect with their employees. Empathetic leadership is paramount as it can lead to increased job satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity, which is of utmost importance in any organization. Additionally, having empowered women in business also helps create a more diverse and inclusive workplace- which everyone can benefit from.

Who is a local female mentor of yours in Austin that’s made an impactful difference in your professional career?

My female mentor is our very own Tiffany Lauchlan at ECR, as she epitomizes what it means to be an empowered woman in leadership. I am beyond grateful that I get the opportunity to work by her side every day, and her guidance and support have had a significant influence on my professional growth. Her insights and advice have been invaluable, and I’ve learned so much from her experiences and perspectives. Among many other things, her mentorship helped me become a more confident and assertive woman in my leadership role. Because of her, I have realized how crucial female mentorship is for women in business.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female empowerment?

I believe there are multiple barriers to female empowerment in the workplace and that these barriers intersect, making naming just one barrier difficult. However, I think that gender bias and stereotypes are among the most significant obstacles for women to overcome. Many women are often subjected to stereotypes that limit their opportunities and potential. For example, they can be seen as less competent, less ambitious, or less committed to their careers than men, which can result in lower pay, fewer promotions, and less access to leadership roles. In fact, a study from the London School of Economics that was just released found that female professionals are more likely than their male colleagues to be viewed as “lucky” in comparison to “competent” when it comes to accomplishments, which proves that gender bias and stereotypes towards women in the workplace is still alive and well.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

I often wish that I could go back in time and tell my younger self that the most significant catalyst for personal and professional growth is getting outside of your comfort zone. Too often, when I was younger, I shied away from things that made me uncomfortable and afraid. Only later in life did I realize that these uncomfortable experiences are what catapulted me forward in life. I now recognize that a huge part of success is feeling fear and discomfort and going for it anyways.

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