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Spec Suites: The Answer to Filling Office Space in a Post-Pandemic World

Spec Suites: The Answer to Filling Office Space in a Post-Pandemic World

Many companies are struggling to make important decisions about their office space due to uncertainty about a potential recession and whether employees should work from the office, remotely, or hybrid. Some businesses are downsizing their office footprint or renewing short-term leases, while many are choosing to lease pre-built spec suites.

A spec suite is a newly constructed office space built by a landlord before securing a tenant. This is considered speculative because the landlord is gambling that the size, layout, and design of the spec suite will fit the needs of a future tenant.

The ideal tenant for a spec suite is typically a small to medium-sized company as they may not have the resources or desire to undergo the design and construction process necessary to create a custom-built office space. This allows the company to secure a high-quality space quickly and with minimal hassle. By targeting this market segment, landlords can offer a valuable service while also maximizing their occupancy rates and minimizing their risk.

One important consideration when designing spec suites is the layout. Landlords must ensure that each suite appeals to a wide market by including workrooms, conference rooms, a kitchen, a couple of offices, and some open areas. To attract tenants, landlords typically carve up a larger suite into three or four suites of differing sizes and configurations. This way, when a prospective tenant comes to tour, something will appeal to them.

This has become the go-to strategy now with most landlords here in Austin. By offering move-in ready spaces with modern design and amenities, landlords can attract and retain tenants more quickly. As Austin continues to grow as a hub for startups and small businesses, spec suites are likely to remain a valuable tool for office landlords looking to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their tenants.

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