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Overcoming Challenges, Together.

04/28/2020 Community

Q+A with ECR Founder and Managing Partner, Matt Levin

It is no secret we are amidst a challenging time in history, and this certainly applies to our businesses. We are not alone as we know so many in our communities are facing incredible challenges too. But from challenges come great growth opportunities – personally and professionally. We asked our founder, Matt Levin, a few questions about how ECR has overcome challenges in the past, what ECR is doing to continue moving forward every day, and how we can encourage others in this time of uncertainty.

What was the business climate when you started ECR in 2010? 2010 was an uncertain time. 

It was a very uncertain time. The economy was down from the Great Recession and there were challenges facing the commercial real estate markets. However, this time taught me that with challenges come great opportunities. Not only was Austin, Texas fast to recover, but ECR was able to build relationships with really strong clients during this recovery period. Clients were open to different service providers, and they just wanted results. ECR brought fresh energy, ideas, and good old fashion hustle to the table, which remains a foundation of our services today. The results were that we scaled the company quickly with excellent clients and built lasting relationships through execution and true partnerships.

What do you think made ECR successful during those trying times?

From the beginning, I have felt that one of the special things about ECR is our support for each other. Whether the support comes in the form of training, ideas to improve/execute, or inspiring one another to be better, we have and always will be there for each other. This creates a strong team with a high-performance level who can exceed expectations on our service offerings. Additionally, we built ECR from the ground up with grit and determination each day to not only win new business with new relationships but to execute.

What do you think sets ECR apart during the current climate facing Austin and San Antonio?

We built ECR from nothing 10 years ago, and do not have expectations or reliance on the status quo. We are ready to earn/win and fight our way through this.

What are some signs that ECR is not slowing down?

We have had many transactions put on hold and canceled during this shelter-in-place time. However, we continue to push forward on a number of opportunities and execute. For example, our team is proud to have picked up the property management assignment of Norwood Tower in downtown Austin on April 1st. With this business, not only has ECR kept its entire team, we actually grew our team by two. We are building ECR for the long-term and understand there will short-term obstacles along the way – great things take time.

What is ECR doing to help the community right now?

At the end of each year, ECR donates a meal per deal completed and one meal per 10,000 SF managed. This year, we want to step up and fulfill the need that our communities have right now, so we are currently running a donation match campaign. ECR is going to match up to $3,700 to support Hope Food Pantry, Central Texas Food Bank, Salvation Army San Antonio, Frontline Foods, and Mobile Loaves & Fishes. Serving is engrained in our culture, and there has never been a more essential time to serve than now.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I would like to encourage everyone to take some time to reflect on opportunities not only for their businesses and professional lives at this time, such as systems/planning that can help for the long run but to also find some areas of personal improvement this time can afford the opportunity to pursue. We may not be given an equal opportunity to focus on personal growth like now, so let’s seize it.

ECR has continued to communicate openly with clients, employees, and the community, and remains ready, willing and able to assist with any commercial real estate needs. It is our mission to continue to do good work and inspire others to do the same, despite the challenges ahead.

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