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Featured Broker Highlight: David Dawkins

06/13/2022 ECR News

Tell us a little bit about how you got into real estate. What inspires you in this field?

I started my career in CRE after the dotcom bust. It was a tough time in Austin and the lesson I learned proved to be invaluable to myself and clients. Over the past 18+ years, client objectives vary, each transaction is different and finding solutions keeps my work engaging, challenging and most of all … fun.

What do you specialize in?

Helping companies lease space that supports their strategic plans and business growth. Also helping them purchase properties to control their future rent costs and selling that real estate investment(s) for a maximum return.

What recent client relationships have you had? What are they seeing in the industry right now? What are you seeing?

Companies are looking for an office with enhanced communal and collaborative areas that is in close proximity to desired amenities. Companies are focused on employees transitioning back into the office (full time or hybrid) and amenities in the office or near the office are key. The two areas that have really changed over the past year are construction costs and long lead times. A company needs to plan ahead and anticipate the time and budget to work through this process or they may face a time crunch, which inevitably costs more money.

Any interesting news or transactions?

Recently helped a start up that is already growing out of their space. We negotiated a short-term lease in a large office complex, which provides the flexibility they need for growth.


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