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ECR’s Journey to AMO Designation: A Testament to Excellence in Property Management

01/10/2024 ECR News


As the landscape of property management continuously evolves, certain benchmarks of excellence remain steadfast. The AMO (Accredited Management Organization) designation, conferred by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), is one of the most prestigious certifications in this domain. ECR’s remarkable journey towards achieving this recognition is not just a story of growth but also a testament to its unwavering commitment to ethical conduct, financial stability, and superior service.


What is the AMO Designation?


The AMO designation is the first and most recognized certification for property management firms. It symbolizes a high standard of excellence, integrity, and success. To qualify, a firm must have an executive in a key management position who is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) through IREM. This ensures that the firm’s leadership is equipped with the expertise and ethical grounding necessary for effective property management.


ECR’s Impressive Growth Trajectory

ECR’s expansion in the property management sector is nothing short of extraordinary. The firm’s managed square footage speaks volumes about its growth:


This steady increase reflects ECR’s capacity to adapt, innovate, and excel in a competitive market.


Endorsements that Speak Volumes

The path to achieving the AMO designation includes obtaining endorsements from respected entities. ECR received glowing recommendations from notable clients and business partners, including Frontier Bank of Texas, John Jordan, the State of Alaska, and Jason Steinberg. Although these letters remain confidential, their existence underscores the trust and confidence ECR has cultivated with its partners and clients.


Leadership at the Helm

A significant factor in ECR’s success story is its leadership team. Tiffany Lauchlan, Managing Director of Management Services, has been an IREM CPM since 2009 and a dedicated member of IREM for over 16 years. Diana Marmolejo de Arellano, the Senior Property Manager, also boasts an IREM CPM designation obtained in 2021. Meanwhile, Shannon Harris, a Property Manager at ECR, is currently a CPM candidate, demonstrating ECR’s commitment to professional development.


ECR: A Full-Service Real Estate Powerhouse

Since its inception, ECR has expanded from focusing solely on CRE Brokerage to include a comprehensive array of services. The company added property management to its portfolio in 2013, with its first management assignment being 260 Addie Roy—a property it still proudly manages. Today, ECR stands as a full-service commercial real estate firm, offering brokerage services, property management, accounting, marketing, and construction management.



ECR’s journey toward the AMO designation is a clear indicator of its leadership in the property management industry. This achievement reflects ECR’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of service, integrity, and professional growth. As ECR continues to expand and innovate, it sets a benchmark for excellence, inspiring others in the industry to strive for the same level of distinction.


Learn more about the AMO designation here.

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