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ECR Serves: A Reflection

07/13/2022 Community

In May of this year our philanthropic committee, ECR Serves, organized our team’s volunteer efforts at the largest hunger relief charity in Central Texas. The organization assists families who qualify for federal assistance programs, share free food and their knowledge on healthy low cost eating, and make food affordable for government partners.

Compassion and Honesty are two of Central Texas Food Bank’s values, and those resonate strongly with our company. We believe in humanity and equity.

Beth Tidwell, property assistant at ECR, fondly recapped her experience at the food bank: “It was fun, it was rewarding and the music was great!” That’s the beautiful part about working for a company who’s culture is reflected in the good natured spirit of all of our team. Danielle Black, one of our property managers, also agreed, “It is an amazing feeling giving back to the community. At times I feel like we take the little things for granted and doing this reminds you just how blessed we are.”

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