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ECR Management Highlight: Sabrina Padilla

03/30/2023 ECR News

How did you get into your current profession?

I began my journey in property management at the residential level. I started as a leasing agent and moved to assistant property manager then became property manager! I managed tax credit, low income housing communities and doing so it made my job fulfilling being able to provide exceptional housing to some that might not get the chance to otherwise, based on their income or family status.

What gets you up and going every day?

The opportunity to learn something new every day is what makes me excited to come to work! Having my own personal and career goals to achieve is what motivates me to get up every morning.

What are you good at, what comes naturally to you within your job?

Being personable and talkative with others comes naturally to me, I like to claim myself as a social butterfly and networking is a big part of being in property management. Branching out and creating a rapport with tenants, vendors, and other members in the property management industry is key in being successful!

What makes ECR unique? What’s the best part about being a part of this company?

ECR’s culture is what stands out most to me! ECR is truly an equitable company, everyone sits in an open floor plan office space, and we are consistently asked how ECR can “do better”. I’ve never worked for a company that involves their employees in day to day operations like ECR does. Since day one there has been a sense of family and collaboration that is unmatched to what I’ve experienced in the past.

What’s a hidden talent no one knows you have?

My hidden talent would be my ability to name all 50 states in alphabetical order due to a song I never forgot in elementary school!


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