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ECR Management Highlight: Nichole Edwards

09/28/2022 ECR News

What Brought you to ECR?

When I was looking for a new job after moving to Austin from Erie, Pa., two things were very important to me: positive company culture and interesting industry. Both of these requirements were met by ECR. I was drawn to ECR’s core values because they genuinely care about their employees.

What are three words you would use to describe our culture and why?

Community – ECR is a friendly and collaborative culture. Every single employee is truly valued and considered an essential part of the team, which is not true of many companies.

Passionate – People here really do love what they do and are motivated to be their best.

Evolving – Even when compared to just two years ago when I was hired, ECR as a company has evolved tremendously, and it’s because we are constantly testing to see what works best so we can continue to bring fresh ideas to the market.

What gets you up and going every day?

 The fact is that if I don’t and I let my struggles and challenges rule me, I’m not going to succeed and have a good life.

What’s the greatest challenge you face on the job?

 I have to handle several tasks simultaneously and skillfully prioritize requests. My list of daily tasks is ever-changing, and each day is very busy.

What is one of your favorite moments at ECR thus far?

The Yardi Conference in San Diego was the most rewarding and educational experience I’ve had at ECR thus far. I returned as a more knowledgeable professional, with a better understanding of our operating system and how to deal with Yardi’s challenges.


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