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ECR Management Highlight: Jonathan Miller

09/08/2022 ECR News

How did you get into your current profession?

Well right out of college I needed a job because I got an English degree and that’s basically everyone’s story when they graduate with an English degree. I kind of just fell into construction and realized I was pretty good at figuring it out. So, then after a few years of that, I went into teaching high school English. Everything you could imagine or have heard about teaching high school students is true. It was fun. It was insane. Children are insane. I didn’t feel like dealing with the insanity any longer, and found ECR on Indeed. I immediately vibed with the… vibe, and the rest is history!

What gets you up and going every day?

My internal clock is perfectly synced and wakes me up at approximately 6:57 every morning. But also, helping others is you know, what drives me. It fits really well with my position because that’s what I do every day!

What are you good at, what comes naturally to you within your job?

Hmmmm, I’m really good at… getting things done. Hah, I’m not sure how to explain that. But it’s what I’m really good at. I’m also really good at Call of Duty.

What makes ECR unique?

What’s the best part about being a part of this company? Well, the word ‘equitable’ is in the company name, and I really think that’s what makes ECR stand out. Everyone is fair, and treated equally. Plus it’s so chill in here! I think like, the amount of humanity that everyone in ECR shows is pretty unique. Does that make sense? Humanity? Kindness? Whatever you want to call it.

What’s your take on the commercial real estate industry at the moment?

I’m not sure I have a take! I came from residential construction, and education. Commercial real estate is like, really cool. That’s my take. What trends or innovations are you seeing within operations and management in the real estate industry? From a construction standpoint, I see a lot of design decisions that are similar. Office spaces are less like ‘Office Space’ and more like a living space. That’s really cool, because I don’t think anyone finds your traditional cubicle office space that awesome. The more we can make those spaces feel more comfortable, the better.

What is your favorite hobby?

Dude, I’m going to sound like a nerd, and that’s okay. My favorite hobbies are video games, film, books. Basically any of the ‘arts’. What’s a hidden talent no one knows you have? Hmmm, hidden talent? I’m good at voices! Like, a dream job would to be a Voice-Over artist for television and film. Also stage acting is a hidden talent, but I shared that in another questionnaire, so like, it’s hidden to everyone except for like 20 people.

What is the most important quality/skill a manager could possess?

Trust for sure. Without that your job would just be a complete nightmare. I guess intelligence is number 2. However, you could technically have a really dumb manager that trusts you and still be really good at your job and have a good time.

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