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ECR Management Highlight: Diana Marmolejo De Arellano

05/25/2022 ECR News


How did you get into your current profession?

I was persuaded by a fellow RED RAIDER and my first job out of college was in facilities management. I worked closely with the legal and tax team and was hooked.

What gets you up and going every day?

It’s a tie between my dogs or my phone alerts. SERIOUSLY though, my FAITH and FAMILY are the center of my world. I’m blessed every morning to wake up healthy and safe.

What are you good at, what comes naturally to you within your job?

I think my people skills are great. Telling people what to do comes pretty natural to me and getting things organized and I LOVE TO WIN!

What makes ECR unique? What’s the best part about being a part of this company?

ECR cares about its employees. We are made up of a diverse group that is considerate of one another.

What’s your take on the commercial real estate industry at the moment?

The industry is obviously booming. After living and working in this market the last 20 years its interesting to see how people adapt and change.

What trends or innovations are you seeing within operations and management in the real estate industry?

Remote operations and flexible schedules are a major change particularly here in Austin.

What is your favorite hobby?

Riding horses and wine tasting

What’s a hidden talent no one knows you have?

I danced ballet, sculpted, painted and then became a pastry chef post college. I was a part of various service organizations and used these “hidden talents” to donate painted furniture for Texas scholarships and baked goods to victims of human trafficking, etc.

What is the most important quality/skill a manager could possess?





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