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Featured Broker Highlight: Jennifer James

03/16/2023 ECR News

Tell us a little bit about how you got into real estate.

I have been interested in real estate since I was very young. My grandmother started in residential real estate when my grandfather got transferred to the Bergstrom Air Force Base and they relocated to Austin in the 60s. She saw an opportunity in helping the other families in the air force who were either moving to Austin or transferring elsewhere and needing to sell their homes. I loved when she would take me on tours, exploring the city and meeting so many interesting people which is what I get to do daily now.

What do you specialize in?

I primarily specialize in landlord office leasing and tenant representation. More recently, I started working on a few industrial projects and I really enjoy learning more about other aspects of commercial real estate so I can best service my clients as their needs change throughout our relationship.

What are your predictions for the ’23 CRE Market? (This could be super broad or more specific towards one trend)

This year everyone is anticipating that we will see a slowdown from major companies and changes in office footprints as businesses shift their return to office or remote schedules. Something great about Austin is that the city has such a strong entrepreneurial base, and these groups know that a “downturn” can be the best time to set your business up for success. We have a ton of sublease space on the market now, so we have seen a shift in landlords getting their spaces up to par and elevating what is truly move in ready for a tenant with spec suites.

What’s the best part of working at ECR? What’s your favorite company memory from last year?

The comradery, mentorship, and drive at ECR are unmatched. I just celebrated my 5th anniversary here and I am still amazed with how each individual works so hard towards a common goal. We are all really proud to work together and protect what has been built. I don’t have a specific favorite memory at ECR, but all the moments when it’s later in the afternoon and we’re hanging out, chatting more and just enjoying our company.

What advice would you have for a female broker who is getting started in CRE… a fairly male dominated field?

A lot of the time you might be the only woman in the room, but I have found that the Austin commercial real estate industry is such a tight knit group that truly supports each other with a lot of really powerful women involved. The men I work with daily are encouraging and helpful, but the best part is the relationships you develop with the other women in the industry who want to see each other succeed.

 Name a female mentor who has impacted you, what’s the one piece of advice they’ve given you that has always stuck time and time again?

There are female mentors many worth mentioning, but I want to give a shoutout to Rebecca Zigterman, Haley Smith, and Tiffany Lauchlan from ECR for being incredible examples of what you can accomplish and how you can be more than just a participant in a male-dominated industry – you can be a leader. Some words I live by actually don’t come from a mentor, but from their child – “you gotta earn it!”

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