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Diana Receives CPM Designation

09/13/2021 ECR News

We would like to congratulate Diana Marmolejo De Arellano, Senior Property Manager at ECR,  who received her CPM Designation from IREM!

What does that mean?

The Certified Property Manager®, or CPM®, is an individual who is a qualified professional manager of real property. The Institute of Real Estate Management individually qualifies each applicant- years of experience or affiliation with a certain company are not sufficient for certification. The individuals who hold the CPM® designation have personally demonstrated their competence through a stipulated number of years of experience, examinations based on training courses presented by IREM, and proven standards of integrity and ethics. In addition, a CPM® agrees to abide by the Institute’s Code of Ethics.
(Source: IREM)

ECR promotes and supports employee education. We find it important that our employees continue to get an education throughout their careers to better themselves, add value to ECR and add value to the properties they manage.

“Take it from a CPM, this is not a simple feat!  It is an accomplishment and designation Diana will have for the rest of her career.  Her employer and clients will benefit from her gained knowledge through this educational process.”  said Tiffany Lauchlan, Director of Management Services.

Congrats Diana for making it across the finish line, we are very proud of you!

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