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Pump Studios, previously neighbors with Hops & Grain at 507 Calles St., is proud to call Springdale General (1023 Springdale Rd.) its new home, keeping its eastside Austin roots intact. With the help of Jason Steinberg, Brokerage Principal at ECR, Pump was able to secure a suitable space for its engineering operations, complete with a collaborative open concept and creative eastside vibe. With space design by S. Tipton Studio and project architecture by Michael Hsu, the property aligns perfectly with Pump’s culture and mission – to make ideas into real products.

Founded in 2007 by Peter Kaltenbach, Brad Collins, and Celeste Lamberth, Pump started out with three desks in a sublet room, the company has come a long way. Pump has worked on a diverse array of projects, including consumer electronics, industrial agriculture, and pet products to name a few. Today Pump is managed by the same three founders and Kevin Keller, who joined the trio in 2008.

One of the team’s most notable achievements is a 650 square foot 3D printed house, which debuted at SXSW this year. The cement home was printed onsite in east Austin, and the unconventional process allows for more freedom of design, lower labor cost, and a more resilient structure than many forms of traditional construction.

Another out of the box product from Pump Studios is the iFetch, a revolutionary dog toy that automatically plays fetch with your pup. The idea stemmed from the household struggle of finishing homework while your pet is energetic as ever. The product underwent an immensely successful Kickstarter in 2013 and has received international acclaim ever since.

With exceptional performance at its forefront, the product design engineering firm is poised for continued growth and success at Springdale General.

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