Tim Machaiek

Maintenance Engineer II

Over the last 20 years, Tim has established himself as an industry leader in helping communities thrive through careful monitoring and innovation of electrical and mechanical systems. Thinking creatively to enable best outcomes taking into account safety, efficacy, and economic viability, Tim’s primary focus is to ensure that all equipment is kept operational, improve product design as well as oversee and perform maintenance and inspections.

Prior to joining our team, Tim acted as LB&B Associates’ Site Supervisor for T.J. McIntyre Federal Building; Chief Engineer at ACS Development where he focused on the operation and maintenance of the Boston FBI Divisional Headquarters; and earlier in his career he was the Engineering Director for the Daughters of Saint Paul/Pauline Media where he oversaw the operations of all their facilities in America, South Pacific, and English-speaking Canada. Tim is the founder of Conservation and Sustainability Interfaith Partnership which helped numerous non-profit organizations across North America.  These facilities include The Salvation Army, YWCA, many Jewish Synagogues, several Shrines and Cathedrals, and numerous other Churches, Congregations, and other non-profit organizations.

Tim attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy and studied Engineering where he trained on various long-range ocean vessels and oil rigs leading to an advanced knowledge of mechanical systems.  Starting at 15 years old, Tim was an engineer aboard commercial fishing vessels in the North Atlantic which built the foundation for his love of all things mechanical and troubleshooting mechanical issues.

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