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ECR was hired in 2017 to market two commercial houses, located at 1210 Parkway and 1211 Baylor on the periphery of the CBD. ECR prepared a market and sales strategy consisting of the following items:
• Curated materials and developed a strategy to market the property to both users and investors in order to maximize the opportunities
• Strategically executed a direct call, email, and internet marketing campaign targeting prospective buyers (users and investors)
• Created custom marketing collateral that showcased the features and benefits of the property as well as nearby amenities
• Aggressively marketed the property on as many proactive outlets as possible
• Hosted high-quality property tours

ECR received multiple offers for one or both properties but ECR’s client was only interested in selling both properties together. The selected buyer was only interested in purchasing one of the properties, but ECR’s team convinced them to purchase both properties and have the option to lease out of the property or sell it to a third party following the closing. ECR was able to achieve a very attractive price per square foot for both properties and closing took place less than 40 days after going under contract.

“ECR handled my asset sales listing and marketing from idea through sales execution. They intelligently and delicately handled the nuances of my existing tenants’ needs, while creating a broad marketing platform to attract the right buyer. They provided me with guidance and the experienced consultation to make the deal work, while always keeping my interests as their client a priority. I got undivided attention and focus, and felt as though my asset was always their priority. I was beyond impressed with their performance and the results, and have, and would, use them time and time again.” – Amir Kalantari | The Kalantari Group

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